Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Denial, Acceptance, Grievance, Forgive.

to forgive,
to forgive does not mean to forget,
to forgive means to accept.

in denial,
there is pretense
the water will not calm,
and the winds will always run wild
in denial,
there is misunderstanding and inflexibility
there is no unity
there will be no peace.

in acceptance,
there is grief,
and in grievance there is pain
resentment, injustice, unhappiness

but, from pain we will find love again

from pain, we gain strength again
from pain, we experience growth again

in growth we LIVE life again

without love, there is no pain
without pain, there is no growth
this affliction, no one can deny
because without growth, there is no life

this is,
the circle of life.