Saturday, August 01, 2015

Positive Affirmations

I am worthy of this love
I can trust this love

I am a woman
I am a beautiful person

I am intelligent
I am charming
and I am capable of loving unconditionally

I am worthy of unconditional love
I am confident with my decisions

I am stronger everyday
and I will find a balance
I am good at balancing

I will stop caring of what others think
and I will stop letting what others feel dictate my own feelings
I will let my feelings run
and I will take the time to understand them
I will listen to my heart
before I listen to my head

I exist in this world
and there is no need for validation from others

This is just a minor setback.
I've come further than I ever thought I could.
I will not let this take me down
I will stand up on my own two feet again
because I am strong enough for myself
and I know what is best for myself.

I am doing my best everyday
to be the best of me

The end of the tunnel is near
I see the light
I know the darkness will end
Because I walked this path
and I brought myself here

I did it all on my own
I will continue doing it for my own.